PCM Video Lectures for JEE Main & Advanced
PCM Video Lectures for JEE Main & Advanced

PCM Video Lectures for JEE Main & Advanced

Our JEE Video Lectures are extremely powerful methods of JEE Main & Advanced online preparation. With online JEE videos on all PCM topics, you can build strong conceptual understanding of fundamental and advanced-level topics.
The best part of online IIT JEE video lectures is how you can study & prepare for JEE completely at your convenience and pace. You can play, pause, rewind & replay online IIT videos and learn new methodologies to solve IIT questions quickly. Assess your strengths and limitations with in-depth topic-wise illustrations in Physics video lectures, Chemistry video lectures or Maths video lectures.
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Lecture Duration 131 Hours 21 Mins 173 Hours 36 Mins 233 Hours 50 Mins
Number of Topics 28 32 27
Number of Lectures 325 558 561


Topics Covered

Units, Dimensions and Errors Stoichiometry and Redox Reactions Basic Mathematics
Motion in a Straight Line Atomic Structure Quadratic Equations and Inequalities
Motion in a Plane Gaseous State Sequences and Series
Forces and Laws of Motion Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry Binomial Theroem
Work, Energy and Power Chemical Equilibrium Permutations and Combinations
Centre of Mass and the Law of Conservation of Momentum Ionic Equilibrium Complex Number
Rotational Mechanics Nuclear Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry Trigonometric Ratios, Identities and Equations
Simple Harmonic Motion and Elasticity Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry Straight Line
Fluid Mechanics Isomerism Circle
Gravitation Alkanes Parabola
Waves on a String Alkenes & Alkynes Ellipse
Sound Waves Alkyl Halides and Aromatic Compounds Hyperbola
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics Periodic Table and Periodicity Relations and Functions
Heat Transfer Chemical Bonding Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
Calorimetry and Thermal Expansion s-block Elements Mathematical Reasoning and Statistics
Geometrical Optics p-block Elements Determinants
Wave Optics Electrochemistry Matrices
Electric Charges , Forces and Fields Chemical Kinetics Probability
Electric Potential and Capacitance Solid State Solutions of Triangle
Current Electricity Solutions and Colligative Properties Inverse Trigonometric Functions
Moving Charges and Magnetism Surface Chemistry Methods of Differentiation and Applications of Derivatives
Electromagnetic Induction Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Indefinite Integration
Alternating Current Aldehydes & Ketones Definite Integration
Electromagnetic Waves Carboxylic Acid and Derivatives Differential Equations
Modern Physics Amines and Aromatic Compounds Containing Nitrogen Area Under the Curve and Linear Programming
Nuclear Physics and Radioactivity Biomolecules and Polymers Vectors
Semi-Conductor and Communication System Practical Organic Chemistry 3D Geometry
Experimental Physics Co-ordination Compounds  
  Extractive Metallurgy  
  Qualitative Analysis  
  d and f-block Elements  
  Chemistry in Everyday Life  


  • Delivered by Top 100 JEE Rankers and Plancess Subject Matter Experts
  • All JEE topics classified into Fundamental and Advanced level videos
  • Learn efficient & effective problem-solving techniques
  • Build a comprehensive & exhaustive approach towards JEE /Board syllabus
  • Self-paced study: Study at your own pace and convenience. Speed-up or slow-down based on your level of preparation.
  • Repetitive learning: Access topic-wise lectures based on your requirement and preparation schedule.
  • Detailed approach: In-depth topic-wise illustration on best practices of JEE preparation.
  • Proper Focus: Concentrate and improve upon your weak areas or topics
  • Proper time allocation: Manage time & attention on topics based on self analysis.
  • Comprehensive solution: Complete conceptual clarity through different illustrations
  • One-stop-solution: Basics to advanced level concept building under one roof
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