Advises: are they all worth enough?

Over the years, I have had the good fortune of being taught by teachers with a vision for the future. The most lasting imprints, however, were left by a kindergarten teacher and, one of my professors in college. Always ask….Why?” This is what my kindergarten teacher would always say to the class; she told us to question everything. I’ve noticed throughout the years that it has helped me tremendously, because it taught me to always question the world. Asking “Why” helped me form an independent mind. And since for an objective thinker, the significance of questioning theories cannot be overstated, it came as no surprise to my folks when I decided to pursue engineering.

When I was in college, I came across the second of the two personalities that I mentioned earlier, a professor of Chemical Engineering, and he made me appreciate the importance of persistence. My professor told me that we only succeed to the degree that we are persistent; we are only successful insomuch as we overcome setbacks and keep trying. A variant phrase is “To be successful you need persistence and talent, and you can do without the second.”

These may sound like mutually exclusive and completely unrelated arguments for making a brat behave like an even keeled individual, but trust me, they are more related than chalk and cheese. If a human being’s worth were to be judged in the same way as that of a diamond’s then an independent mind, the depth of their personality, would be the human equivalent of a diamond’s carat weight. However, a person without a belly for a fight is like a rough diamond and therefore, not of much worth. What makes the rough cut human shine is their strength of character; the ability to stand up after a setback and continue fighting.

The next time you are down in the dumps, pull yourself up and ask yourself how hard are you going to strike when the next opportunity comes. Your blows are only as strong as your knuckles’ ability to tolerate the sting. Your worth, is what you make it to be. So,what’s the best advice you’ve gotten lately?

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