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Artificial IntelligenceAI or Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword that we tend to use in our daily lives, often without realizing. It is the next big thing in the tech world which is steadily becoming a part of our livelihood. We often take the aid of AI without even realizing. So, what is this much talked about thing, that even the Google CEO speaks of?

Artificial Intelligence as the name suggests is the intelligence exhibited by machines. An ideal ‘intelligent’ machine is one that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximizes its chance to attain a goal. Often this term is colloquially applied when we associate ‘human learning’ and ‘problem solving’ to the one done by the machines. But abled with artificial intelligence, it is perceived that machines are to become increasingly capable. The capabilities listed under Artificial Intelligence are:

Understanding Human Speech

Competing at a high level in strategic game systems

Self-driving card

Interpreting Complex data.

In fact, AI is extensively being researched on, so that it can benefit the medical field as well. Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, also said that progression in AI can even help detect problems like diabetic retina, which leads to complete blindness.

But, like every positive progression has a negative side to it, few have pointed out that AI might tend to be a danger to humanity if it progresses unabatedly. However, those who are fearing the Rise of the Machines can relax as of now, as the field needs immense research. The goal of the field as of now include Reasoning, Knowledge, Planning, Learning, Natural Language processing, Perception and moving and manipulating objects.

How AI affects our lives every day?

Virtual Personal Assistants

From finding out where the nearest restaurant is, to calling Rajesh, Siri and Google Now have helped you always. They, unlike how Rajesh Koothrappali in TBBT had perceived, are nothing but products of AI. The digital personal assistants help us find useful information when we ask instead of type. The new age smartphones have AI as an integral part of the system. Ai collects information and uses them to better recognize our speech and serve us better.

Video Games

We know you love them. And AI from its initial days has been a part of video games. However, the complexities and effectiveness of AI in the games has increased with passing days. Nowadays there are games that have characters that learn behaviors and respond to stimulus taking the player by surprise and hence making gaming even more challenging.

Smart Cars

It’s been quite some time, we have been hearing about Smart Cars and Googling working seriously on the project. Tesla’s autopilot feature has also been making the headlines for quite some time. Now, having the car drive itself, sensing the traffic and reaching office or school without any pain is fantastic and we can’t imagine something better. However, there were few flaws that were found out in this process, after which Google started experimenting with methodologies that would have AI pick up driving with experience.

Technology is definitely picking up fast. From what used to be these awe-inspiring science fictions, it is becoming amazing science facts that are helping the human race at large. We will be back with more interesting facts. Subscribe for regular updates!!!

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