10 things you surely didn’t know about the human body

Ever tried waking up at 6:00 A.M and sleeping by 10:00 A.M every day? If you are an early bird, this is probably your daily routine, but if you like to study with the stars for company, this schedule not only looks bizarre but might even be difficult to follow. However, if you do this regularly for a week, you will find yourself waking up at the same time even without an alarm clock. Wondered how this happens? In simple terms, this is known as the biological clock. The human body is a highly functioning machine that keeps us going every day and has lots of unknown facts about it. While the scientists are discovering things about the human body, Plancess gives you 10 facts that you didn’t know about the Human Body.


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No, not the movie or books series, we are talking out the tiny eruptions on your skin when you get scared. Goosebumps arise because of our evolutionary predecessors. When we get scared, the muscles around the base of each hair gets tensed. This gives the skin the strange look and feel.

Taller by the Day!

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Wake up in the morning and feel happy, cause you have grown taller! Yes, the height of human beings is slightly more in the mornings than that at the end of the day. This is because the excess fluids released in your spinal discs makes you look half an inch taller, which is compressed by night as the body goes through stress.

Don’t Eat yourself up!

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From popcorn to biryani, you give it anything and the forever friendly stomach will digest it. Now, to stop itself from digesting itself, the stomach makes a new lining every three days! This organ of the human body produces hydrochloric acid which is a highly corrosive acid used to treat metals. It is the mucous lining that saves the stomach from getting corroded.

This is another reason, you are advised to have a heavy breakfast so that the acid has something to act upon instead of the mucous.

Seven Miles for every pound gained!

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New tissues need the blood supply. So every time you gain a pound, the vascular system expands to supply oxygen to the new tissues. This also means that the heart needs to work harder. When you lose weight, the body breaks down and the unneeded blood vessels are absorbed.

Brain-Y Facts

A new way to generate electricity?

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While awake, the brain can generate electricity and energy that can light up a bulb! It operates on the same amount of power of 10 watts light bulb. Now, you know the science behind, “Dimaag ki batti jali?

Encyclopedia VS Brain

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Why google when your brain has the capacity to hold 5 times more information than an Encyclopedia? In fact, it is believed that the storage capacity of the brain is between 3 to 1000 terabytes. Time to put the storage space to good use!

No Growth Zone

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By the time you are eighteen, your brain stops growing. After 18, the brain loses out more than 1,000 gray cells every day. Aside from producing REM dreams, your brain works overtime to replenish its ability to function normally during your daytime waking hours

Eye for You!

The best camera in the world.

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Be sunrises, sunsets or portraits, our eyes are the best of DSLRs available in the market. Our eyes are 576 megapixels and can identify 10 million colors. Now you know why you need to go for minor photoshop work even when you are great behind the camera. The same amount of contrast, colour level that you visualise can never be attained by the best of cameras.

Eye is the mirror to your thoughts

Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes - macro shot over white background

Lie or say the truth, your eyes will give it away. Studies have shown that if you are lying there is movement in your eyes. In fact, the pupils raise if you like someone and dilate when you dislike a person.

You are Hot!

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Next time you compliment or get complimented by the word HOT, remember, it is another scientific that is being stated!  The human body is the epitome of the study of the law of thermodynamics. The heat is produced from the metabolization of food, maintaining homeostasis to exercising.

Look out at this space for more fun facts about the world of science.

Learning is fun.

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