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The Gurukul of life – college!

There have been enough number of movies and books describing college life and how it is in there – many have been successful and many have not fared so well, but still have given a fair amount of idea for allowing imagination for the “yet to be college goers” to know what a college life is. But an IItian’s life cannot be just summed as a “college life” of an engineering student – that would be sheer injustice to the enigmatic life every IItian leads for the 4 years of engineering.

Every aspiring engineers dream is IIT or NIT and they work day in and day out to crack open those gates of those prestigious institutes only to walk out as an alumni of it. There are number of blogs and a bunch of alumni to help one and prep them for the life ahead. The anticipation of the classes and the stiff competitions are something that is no new inhibitions for the 1st year students or commonly known as the “fachchas” but what these institutes teaches one is something beyond classroom and beyond any syllabus – for these students come out knowing  life.

Sharing rooms with a bunch of strangers is only a start. As the days proceed one learns to gulp down pride of the “topper” as there are many to share that tag.  Images are shattered for a “studious” guy knows to break dance, and a dainty looking girl is a power house singer – the shy looking guy is the one who organises programs and the loud volume boy is also good in taking orders. The gender bias is perhaps a myth here, because everyone is equally ragged and equally loved. Burning the mid night oil is a way of life here – Last minute preps are the saviour and friends the best teachers.

The sprawling campus of IIT, and the grand classrooms not only teach about academics but beyond it as well. The students are pushed from their comfort zone, taught to learn from anyone and everyone and evolve as a person. The academic part built the resume of one while the non academic activities builds the person himself/herself. Working in groups, managing people and arranging big events are all a regular part of life and are learnt under the roofs of IIT/NIT. The gruesome 4 years make a man out of a boy and a lady out of a girl. It makes one string, and builds endurance to face the life challenges.

The different social activities are encouraged and taken up with equal fervour and enthusiasm. These committees are of the students, by the student and for the students. It is these extracurricular activities that instil managing and marketing techniques and allow them to venture out to areas not known before to them. The fests of each and every IIT are something that cannot be given a miss. The organisation committees come together and work together – learning to put aside differences and work one another’s strengths. The fests are awe inspiring and nothing less than a mega blockbuster movie.

Every college life is equally special but IIT/NIT life teaches one a lot about life and its small elements or rather one learns qualities like adjustment, patience, wit, humbleness, etiquettes, breaking glass ceilings and comfort zones and camaraderie because of the environment one is put through. The hostel life, the academics, the canteen, the pressure to perform well, not once but every time, and the strangers who become lifelong friends are treasured and memories are cherished for another generation for these go out only to connect back with their alma mater.



Meghali Guha

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