Nikesh Arora of Google – An IITian!

Nikesh Arora is one of the most important people involved with the search engine giant Google Inc. He is one of the many which make IIT’s as one of the finest engineering college in India. He is an alumni of Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. His life is an inspiration to many of us as he began from scratch and now he is Senior Vice President and Chief Business Officer at Google Inc.

Nikesh Arora, the IITian

Nikesh Arora, former IITian and a key member of the Google family!

As a son of someone who is in Air Force, his childhood was a bit unstable because in every few years he and his family had to pack their bags and move. He completed his higher secondary education from Delhi’s Air Force School. Then he moved to IIT BHU Varanasi to complete his graduation in Electrical Engineering, but that is the thing with IITs that after graduating he didn’t became electric engineer but he found his interest lies in management field. and therefore he joined Wipro as a sales manager.

He then decided to pursue MBA from abroad but one of the main hurdles he faced at that time was money. When he beat 200000 people to get one of the 250 scholarships on offer for engineering students in India, Then with that scholarship he got and along with his father’s saving he completed his MBA from Boston in 1992.

At that time also luck was not with him because it was difficult to get a job in business field at that time because of recession in 1992. So he faced 399 rejections before getting a job at Fidelity Investments. But he didn’t stop there he wanted to do something different so he joined Duetsche Telecom and then finally he joined Google in 2004. After that he hold several position in Google and also he was the first vice president to be appointed from outside the US. Currently he is the Fourth most important man at Google Inc. and highest paid Employee in 2012.

Nikesh Arora is a self made man. He worked hard and he never gave up to reach up to this level. He himself attributed his success to his luck, perspiration and ability to adapt to any situation.

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