This exam season Keep Calm and Support your child.

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Sleepless nights, anxiety pangs, endless worries about the future- If you are a parent, no matter what you hear, read or see, these evils will never leave you. However, you need to remember that your anxiety is passed on to your child which eventually affects his performance.

This exam season, sit back, sip your cuppa and read the PlancEssential parenting tips that will help you guide your student on the right track.

Keep Calm

You might not be biting your nails off in front of your child, but your nervousness rubs off to them. The “Beta, thoda aur padh le,” instead of motivating them, makes the child go anti-you. It is wrong to think that your child is deliberately not studying. You constantly asking them to keep themselves glued to their books speaks of your anxiety. This results in making the child nervous and also disturbs them. It might even lead to them losing their confidence. So, keep calm and let your child carry on.

Goodbye Old School Ideas

“Kaabil bano, kamiyabi jhaak maar ke tumhare peeche ayegi.” In this age of competition, this statement doesn’t remain just a dialogue from a Bollywood flick. It is gospel. Gone are the days when a 90 percenter was considered brighter than the one getting 80 percent. Ask your child to widen their spectrum of learning rather than solely concentrating on the ‘mark chase’. It will be the vast knowledge bank that will help them in the long run of career success.

Show Support

Always remember you are your child’s biggest support system. You need to encourage them to aspire. And at the same time, you have to keep a check that they are eating well and getting adequate sleep. To learn, remember and perform they need to give enough rest to their bodies and mind primarily. Do away with the constant pressurization and replace with encouragement.

Focus on the present

Science, arts or humanities- the choice of the stream can take a back seat now as it is vital that the child concentrates on the impending exams. Eventually, the results will show the day and life will take its course and every child will fare well no matter what. Your child is not a pressure cooker so don’t turn him into one. His career options need to be his choice and don’t dominated by you. A child is seen to fare well when he makes his passion his profession. After all, his professional life will continue for a long span and you would want to see him happy going to work. Nevertheless, as a parent, we know you will be worried about it, but push these thoughts aside as the entire focus should remain on the ongoing exams.

Stop Comparision

“Sharma Ji’s son topped the boards, you also have to  become a topper.” Now imagine 1 Lac parents telling this to their child. 1 Lac toppers, is that what you expect? Let Sharma Ji’s son be. Your son/daughter has capabilities that will lead them to success. Comparing your child with others demoralizes them and snatches away all the confidence they have. Well, on retrospect, ever wondered why Sharma Ji’s beta do well? Maybe because Sharma Ji compares him to no one!

We know it is easier said than done. Anxious you will be, but try and follow these solutions so that your ward gets through the exam process smoothly. The child is already biting his nails off, he can do without you biting off his head you see. 😉

Good Luck Fare Well!

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