Supercomputers at IIT-Kharagpur: 5 supercool things Supercomputers can do.

super computer

IIT-KGP will soon be adding supercomputers in its huge facilities. The Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, will be the first academic institute to have a supercomputing facility under National Supercomputing Mission.

This provision will provide computational support for research and teaching, which includes HPC (High-Performance Computing).

But what are supercomputers? And why the craze?

Supercomputers are like the He-Man of computers. They can do ten times the work that of a regular computer. Filling up entire rooms and costing tens of millions of dollars, supercomputers have their share of tantrums as well! Because they work so efficiently, they need their rooms chilled at all times so that their millions of microprocessor cores don’t overheat.

They tackle huge scientific problems and also uncover the origin of the Universe. Plancess lists out 5 super cool things Supercomputers can do.

Earthquake Alert!

Two decades back, it was difficult to imagine that earthquake waves can be traced and their local and global effects could be found out. But now with supercomputers, the extremely complex equations can be solved easily.

Based on the simulations and real data, scientists are perfecting their images of the earth’s interior. These maps will help understand what happens in the mantle and core region of the earth and also trace the carbon and oil fields on the sub-surface of the earth.

Dig deep in the Universe History

The Universe is huge and the questions asked about it is endless. But answers are not always available. However, now with the emergence of these machines and their derivations, physicists not only found out in depth facts about the past of the universe but also can answer about the unseen and unknown. The Texas Advanced Computing Center has found out about the first galaxy formation and NASA has stimulated the creation of stars with the aid of supercomputers.

Blood Map

From the Superior and Inferior Vena Cava to the heart, then lungs and post-purification back to the body through the Aorta. Well, the blood stream map is not that simple. Imagine there are 60,000 arteries and capillaries that cover a distance of 1,60,934 km.

To map the entire flow of blood in real time takes some extremely complicated maths that requires a supercomputer solving. Scientists in 2009 compared the map of blood flow in the typical human brain and that of a person with hydrocephalus ( a condition where fluids accumulate in the cranium). This research has been marked crucial to understand strokes and traumatic brain injury.

Nuclear Weapon Testing

Even after the ban on nuclear weapons, the arsenal is not out of date and there are constant developments in the field.

To keep a check on the same and maintain safety, supercomputers are used. They ensure that the country’s cache of nuclear weapon stays functional and safe. In fact, soon there will be a new supercomputer with the capacity of doing 20 thousand trillion calculations each second. This will completely do away nuclear tests as reports can be generated from non-nuclear labs itself.

Climate Change Predictions

Climate change is a global concern and much research work is going in finding out what will be the effects of it. The variables for calculating the future changes are huge. From earth’s surface to ocean currents every minute details are to be considered prior to making such assumptions.

Scientists and researchers take the aid of the supercomputers to find out about the future and effect that will be there due to the change of climate.

Super Interesting right? Want to try your hands on one? IIT-Kharagpur would be the perfect place to get the training. Start preparing for JEE 2018 right away and get a chance. If you are already geared up for JEE 2017, we wish you All the Best.

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