How to prepare study schedule for IIT JEE Preparation?

We all know that IIT JEE preparation needs a lot of time and is difficult to crack. However, it is not at all impossible to clear this engineering entrance examination. All you need to have is a well-framed and practical study schedule. A properly devised timetable can help you streamline your preparation and utilize the time productively.

With more than 14 lakh candidates to appear for the IIT-JEE examination 2017, the competition is going to be fierce. In this article, we bring to you tips on how to prepare and follow a study plan for your IIT JEE Preparation. Check out.

Simple tricks that can help you clear the exam (Before the exam)

  • Keep in touch with every topic, Don’t leave any chapter, just because you feel it won’t come.
  • Devote more time on weak areas. Practice regularly to update and get hold of the concepts.
  • Do not skip topics just because it is too lengthy
  • Make short notes that include important chapters, concepts, formulae or pointers
  • Try not to leave any topic because some questions in JEE paper is the combination of two-three topics
  • Solve at least one JEE previous year question paper each day to get familiar with the paper pattern
  • To improve your problem-solving speed you can also take minimum 2 mock tests a day
  • Take test after every topic to strengthen your understanding of the chapter
  • Pay equal attention to all the three subjects – Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Revise just the important or scoring topics of PCM
  • Simple tricks that can help you clear the exam (On the exam day)
  • Revise all the topics weekly, and keep a tab on your learning progress
  • IIT JEE Preparation requires continuous self-evaluation, so do it.

IIT JEE carries both tough and easy questions. So if you find any difficult question in the paper, remember the majority of students would feel the same.

  • Keep the order of subjects you are attempting the same as the one you are used to attempting at your coaching classes/practice hours. This will keep your mind at peace
  • Do not panic. Also, do not do too much of guesswork
  • Attempt questions which look easy to you. Do not waste time on questions you don’t know the answer of. You can attempt the difficult questions at the end when the entire paper is done
  •  Beware of calculation errors. Do not solve any question in hurry
  • If possible, try to attempt questions that carry more marks. This will maximize your attempt

Do not get carried away by random activities. Avoid distractions during exam preparation and on the exam day.

Tips to create IIT JEE Study Planner

Plancess has created a month-wise study planner for JEE aspirants to help in IIT JEE preparation. It includes the number of weeks one should devote to topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The study planner is created by Top 100 JEE Rankers hence you can be sure of its accuracy and completeness.

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