Transport in Plants
Transport in Plants

Transport in Plants

Plant cells, similar to animal cells being, require nourishment and water for their proper functioning as well as survival. Plant cells have the capability to produce their own food while also degrading the food to release energy required for their work. The producer cell transports the food to other cells which cannot produce food. This chapter describes the transport mechanism of food and water as well as the experiments conducted on transport mechanisms.

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Class 11 Chapter 13 - Transport in Plants

Plants are capable of producing their food using water, carbon dioxide, and light as raw materials. Hence, they are called as producers. Carbon dioxide and light is absorbed by leaves from their aerial environment while water is absorbed from the roots and is transported to the leaves which is the site of food production. This large distance transport to the leaves is facilitated by specific tissues which are present throughout the plant. Transport of water is influenced by several factors. Many theories have been suggested to describe water transport. This chapter deals with all the transport mechanisms and the tissues involved in it.

Topics covered:

13.1 Transport Mechanism in Plant :Diffusion (Lecture Duration: 32:37)
13.2 Transport Mechanism in Plant : Osmosis (Lecture Duration: 28:09)
13.3 Turgor Pressure & Wall Pressure (Lecture Duration: 15:18)
13.4 Diffusion Pressure Deficit (Lecture Duration: 14:40)
13.5 Water Potential (Lecture Duration: 14:18)
13.6 Active Transport & Imbibition (Lecture Duration: 23:45)
13.7 Plasmolysis and Deplasmolysis (Lecture Duration: 31:24)
13.8 Structure of Stomata (Lecture Duration: 16:57)
13.9 Mechanism of Opening & Closing of Stomata Part - 1 (Lecture Duration: 16:38)
13.10 Mechanism of Opening & Closing of Stomata Part - 2 (Lecture Duration: 18:10)
13.11 Factors Affecting Rate of Transpiration (Lecture Duration: 18:40)
13.12 Significance of Transpiration (Lecture Duration: 14:08)
13.13 Absorption (Lecture Duration: 15:37)
13.14 Mechanism of Water Absorption (Lecture Duration: 20:58)
13.15 Ascent of Sap (Lecture Duration: 27:36)
13.16 Phloem Transport in Plants, Guttation and Bleeding (Lecture Duration: 22:04)
Total duration of the chapter:  5 hours 35 mintues
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