Plant Growth and Development
Plant Growth and Development

Plant Growth and Development

All cells grow, reproduce and ultimately die. The growth of a cell is directly connected with the growth of the organism which is majorly influenced by metabolism. The life of a plant begins with the seed germination and continues with its growth all the way to its death. This chapter describes the process of growth, development and movement in plants as well as the factors affecting the same.

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Class 11 Chapter 17 - Plant Growth and Development

Plants are composed of several different parts which work in a well organized manner. This functioning is influenced by several chemical. These chemicals and their amounts present in the different part of plants serve as the regulatory factors, required for the proper plant function and growth. These chemicals influence and control nearly all parts of the plants lifecycle starting from seed germination and growth till the senescence of the plant. These chemicals are known as phytohormones and includes auxin, cytokinin, gibberellin, ethylene, and abscisic acid. This chapter describes the seed germination and several different phytohormones along with their function as well as importance.

Topics covered:

17.1 Introduction (Lecture Duration: 17:38)
17.2 Plants Growth-1 (Lecture Duration: 26:12)
17.3 Plants Growth-2 (Lecture Duration: 17:10)
17.4 Seed Dormancy-1 (Lecture Duration: 27:29)
17.5 Seed Dormancy-2 (Lecture Duration: 16:38)
17.6 Seed Viability (Lecture Duration: 22:54)
17.7 Physiology of Germination of Seeds (Lecture Duration: 16:17)
17.8 Development in Plants (Lecture Duration: 21:33)
17.9 Photoperiodism (Lecture Duration: 23:58)
17.10 Vernalisation, Abscission and Senescence (Lecture Duration: 25:40)
17.11 Plants Movements (Lecture Duration: 28:23)
17.12 Plant Growth Regulation (Lecture Duration: 12:22)
17.13 Auxins (Lecture Duration: 18:18)
17.14 Gibberellins (Lecture Duration: 13:03)
17.15 Cytokinins (Lecture Duration: 12:26)
17.16 Abscisic Acid (Lecture Duration: 16:14)
17.17 Ethylene (Lecture Duration: 14:18)
Total duration of the chapter: 5 hours 30 minutes
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